I can’t find MY sanitizer!

I was aboard a public vehicle (trotro) about three weeks ago. After taking my change from the bus conductor, like I always do, I picked my sanitizer carefully out of its reserved pocket in my handbag and applied it in the prescribed fashion. The trotro arrived at my get-off bus stop and I alighted. On reaching my destination, I decided that I needed another round of sanitizing but my sanitizer was not in its pocket. “It must have dropped further down in the bag”,I thought. Alternatively, I went to the washroom to get my hands washed. Thereafter, I searched through my bag for my little bottle of hand sanitizer – it wasn’t there. I begun to regret using it in the vehicle; I was upset about the fact that I had lost it. If I hadn’t picked it out, I would still have it. I mean, it’s valuable stuff in this time.

A whole week passed, and I remembered that incident of my little bottle of sanitizer, then I felt bad, very bad. How selfish I had been! The what ifs begun to pour into my mind, feeding my thoughts. What if someone was saying a little in-heart prayer just for a small bottle of sanitizer? What if it had been the elderly man who sat on the next seat in the trotro, thinking to himself how he wished to be able to afford a small bottle of sanitizer? What if my leaving that bottle behind was a genuine prayer answered, because the truth is I had replacements.

How much experience have you got with selfishness. Have those experiences turned into lessons or remained just another day of being you?   🙂